“Water put to work, for power, for irrigation”

The grim events of the last few years have convinced me, and I am sure most New Zealanders, of the vital necessity of greater population if this land is to remain the heritage of our kith and kin.

Population cannot expand faster than the rate at which productive and congenial employment becomes available.

I have always been impressed with the advantages which irrigation offers in this respect, especially in the vast open spaces of Canterbury and Otago. When it is possible, as in this instance, to generate electric power as well, a double blessing is conferred upon the land.

To all fair-minded critics of irrigation, I offer this booklet in the hope that they will eventually be supporters. To those who are awaiting information on which to base their judgement these facts should be of assistance, and to the hundreds of progressive men and women who are already preparing for irrigation I hope this booklet will give added stimulus.

For the last thirty years the rural production and population of the Canterbury Plains has remained practically stationary. We as a nation cannot afford to continue idleness of such extensive resources not only for our own good, but for the benefit of the world at large.

However bright the future prospects of irrigation in Canterbury may appear from these pages, little can be achieved without the willing co-operation and effort of all concerned.

Let us therefore go forward into the era of hope that will follow the war, fully resolved to achieve the objectives that lie within our grasp.

In 1993 the Mayfield Lions reprinted Semple’s booklet, to view click here